The Indian Evidence Act

Part – I : Relevancy of Facts ( Sections 1 – 55)

This part of the Act has been divided in two chapters. Chapter I seeks to provide preliminary information such as scope and extent of the Act. It also gives definitions of important terms used in the later parts of the Legislation. Chapter II gives methods to determine which facts are relevant and which are not. Depending upon the relevancy of the facts, the evidence will be admissible before the Court.

Part – II : On Proof (Sections 56 – 100)

This part of the Act is divided into four main chapters. The chapters deal with the facts that are presumed and need not be proved, thus also implying on the facts that need to be proved. Thereafter the chapters deal with the manner in which oral and documentary evidence has to be dealt with.

Part – III : Production and Effect of Evidence (Sections 101 – 167)

This part deals with the manner in which the parties shall present evidence shall be produced before the Court and the manner in which each piece of evidence produced be read. This chapter also deals with the manner in which witnesses shall be examined in the Court of Law.