Part – III : Production and Effect of Evidence (Section 101 – 167)

Chapter VII: Of the Burden of Proof (Section 101 – 114A)

This chapter lays down the guidelines on as in which circumstance on whom the burden of proof for proving the authenticity of a particular fact in the case lies.

Chapter VIII: Estoppel (Section 115 – 117)

This chapter deals with the concept of ‘Estoppel’ by not just explaining the concept but also it’s usage in The Evidence Act.

Chapter IX: Of Witnesses (Section 118 – 134)

This chapter deals with the scope of witnesses, the scope on which the witnesses can be compelled to provide witness statements. This chapter also talks about privileged communications on which witnesses cannot be asked to testify.

Chapter X: Of The Examination of Witnesses (Section 135 – 166)

This chapter as the name suggests deals with the examination of witnesses. Starting from the stage of order of production of a witness, examination-in-chief, cross-examination, to the questions that can be put forth by the Judge.

Chapter XI: Of Improper Admission and rejection of Evidence (Section 167)

This chapter talks about the effect that improper admission or rejection of a piece of evidence will have on the case.