About Us

The fact that Law is interchangeably disparaged and esteemed, doesn’t take away from the verity that in the post modern world; where structures crumple and truth fades, the realm of Law has provided a template to us. A set of guidelines that we must follow for way more than a mere semblance of security. We tame our inner horses and decide to abide by the rules, not to be little our supreme inner intelligence but rather, to strengthen civilisation aspirations that meanderingly, embolden us, individually; too. If a person could exist in an ivory tower or a vacuum of one’s own making, removed from the world of men and women and the non-binary, perhaps we could choose Law like we choose our favourite dish at a restaurant – as per our liking and convenience. However, as John Donne posited,”no man is an island, entire of itself…[but]…a piece of the Continent, a part of the maine…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind”.

Law Wire as a platform, seeks to delve into pertinent (and sometimes not immediately pertinent) questions regarding socio-politics, Law and their interesting matrix. We want to empower anyone who wants to be legally sound. The knowledge might serve you someday, some moments, moons or suns later. If you find our content engaging, let us together try to empower each other. Every little spark can ignite the baton of knowledge and hope for a better world. Let us keep passing the baton.