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Sealed Cover Practice and Fair Justice : Is the tide turning towards transparency?

“We will not take any confidential documents or sealed covers, and am personally averse to this. There has to be transparency in court. I am personally averse to sealed covers, What happens is, we see something, he does not see. And we decide the case without showing it to him. This is fundamentally contrary to the judicial process…..If the Supreme Court follows it, High Courts will also follow……..It can be resorted to only when it is about a source or endangering someone’s life……..This practice perpetuates two problems:

Firstly, it denies the aggrieved party their legal right to effectively challenge an order since the adjudication of issues has proceeded on the basis of unshared material provided in a sealed cover…

Secondly, it perpetuates a culture of opaqueness and secrecy. It bestows absolute power in the hands of the adjudicating authority. It also tilts the balance of power in a litigation in favour of a dominant party which has control over information. Most often than not this is the state. A judicial order accompanied by reasons is the hallmark of the justice system… The sealed cover procedure affects the functioning of the justice delivery system both at an individual case- to case level and at an institutional level”

– C.J.I. D. Y. Chandrachud

The exegetic and explicit observation of Chief Justice of India, against the ‘Sealed cover practice’ has rekindled hopes of justice, against the mysterious  denial of Justice,  under the conspiracy of ‘Sealed Cover envelops’

The exegetic and explicit observation of the Chief Justice of India, against the ‘Sealed cover practice’ in the judiciary has rekindled the diminished  hopes and aroused expectation among the people of Punjab, against the similar ‘mysterious culture’ of ‘Sealed Cover Envelops’, prevalent in Punjab for quite some time.

The veiled,  prophetic  warning of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud on ‘Sealed cover practice’ on Monday will serve as path braking revolutionary parameters for the entire Judiciary across India to follow and  effectively deal with the ‘enigmatic conspiracy’ of ‘Sealed Cover Envelops’ lying in various courts for years, containing the micro detailed reports  of multiple crimes, which also include the unheard criminalities of the ‘High Profile Criminals’,  investigated by  ‘high profile’, Special Investigation Teams,  under the orders and supervisions of various ‘High Courts’ .

In Punjab and Haryana High Court, such Sealed Cover envelops’ containing the investigation reports pertaining to the menace of Drugs in Punjab are lying protected, in the ‘safe custody’ of the Hon’ble High Court for almost more than five years, resulting consequential advantage to those suspected criminals, who are apparently perceived behind running the ‘Drug Trade’ of alarming magnitude, in Punjab.

The hue and cries of the wailing people of Punjab, craving to know the truth of these investigations, conducted by the Special Investigation Team, ordered by the  Double Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court on 15th of December 2017, have gone fuddled and completely haywire.

Ironically, the so-called conspiracy of Sealed Cover Envelops’ has successfully stonewalled the unveiling the expose of the truth; as to who are the real culprits who had ruined Punjab through the menace of Drugs. How long these faces, perceived to have been exposed by SIT, appointed by the High Court, would remain sheltered under the veils of cumbersome judicial procedures?

Let the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India seek reports from all the respective ‘High Courts’ of States to discover the  enormity of the  conspiracy  of ‘Sealed Cover Practice’ that is indefinitely stonewalling the delivery of justice to the hapless seekers of Justice, resultantly  victimized  by the  unwieldy and clumsy  procedures of the Justice delivery systems or some time, irrationally frightened and quietened by the shocking trepidation of facing the horrors of the unbridled power of the court, to initiate  contempt of the Court, proceedings; if they dare to reveal  the truth that expose the conduits leading to the lobbies of justice; which supposedly sabotage the delivery of Justice.

Bir Devinder Singh
Bir Devinder Singh
Bir Devinder Singh is an Indian Politician from the state of Punjab. He was the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Legislative Assembly between 2003 and 2004. He was declared the best Parliamentarian for the Legislative Assembly term from 2002 to 2007. Bir Devinder Singh is a name synonymous with truth and honesty in the political scenario of Punjab.


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