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Know The Law: 2

Q). Transfer of judges and its relevant provision.

A). Transfer of a Judge from one High Court to another is envisaged under Article 222 of the Indian Constitution where the President “may“, after consultation with the Chief Justice of India, transfer one High Court Judge to another High Court – “Transfer of a Judge from one court to another inflicts many injuries on the individual”, P N Bhagwati, J.

Q). Meaning of “ambulance chaser”, a term used in USA with reference to class action litigation.

A). Pleaders, etc. who solicit for clients at accident or disaster sites are called such.

Q). Judgement which gave women also, the right to succeed religious office?

A). Raj Kali Kuer v. Ram Rattan Pandey (1955), notable underpinnings of the judgement : “….We are of the opinion that a female is not, under Hindu law or custom, disqualified from succeeding to a hereditary religious office and getting such duties as she may be disqualified by reason of her sex from performing, performed by proxy….”

Q). What is a “deemed complaint” under CrPC?

A). Usually, complaints DO NOT include police reports. However, the explanation of Section 2(d) makes it amply clear that where the report made by a police officer, post investigation makes it out to be a Non-Cognizable offence, then it shall be deemed to be a “complaint”.

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