Part IV – Suits in Particular Cases

  1. Suits by or against the Government or Public Officers in their Official Capacity (Section 79-82)

This part deals with the mechanism from the stage of instituting to the execution of a decree against the Government or a public officer during the discharge of his official duty.

  1. Suits by Aliens and by or against Foreign Rulers, Ambassadors and Envoys (Section 83-87-B)

This part deals with the mechanism and conditions for the institution of a suit against an Alien, Foreign Ruler, Ambassador and Envoy for an act done by the person in furtherance of a private right vested in the person.

  1. Interpleader (Section 88)

This part deals with the provision of as to how can a third party file a suit involving other parties, to resolve a dispute between them that affects the third party’s rights or duties.