Decree in Appeal (Rule 35 – 37)

Rule 35: Date and contents of decree

(1) The decree of the Appellate Court shall bear date the day on which the judgment was pronounced.

(2) The decree shall contain the number of the appeal, the names and descriptions of the appellant and respondent, and a clear specification of the relief granted or other adjudication made.

(3) The decree shall also state the amount of costs incurred in the appeal, and by whom, or out of what property, and in what proportions such costs and the costs in the suit are to be paid.

(4) The decree shall be signed and dated by the Judge or Judges who passed it:

Judge dissenting from judgment need not sign decree—Provided that where there are more Judges than one and there is a difference of opinion among them, it shall not be necessary for any Judge dissenting from the judgment of the Court to sign the decree.

Rule 36: Copies of judgment and decree to be furnished to parties

Certified copies of the judgment and decree in appeal shall be furnished to the parties on application to the Appellate Court and at their expense.

Rule 37: Certified copy of decree to be sent to Court whose decree appealed from

A copy of the judgment and of the decree, certified by the Appellate Court or such officer as it appoints in this behalf, shall be sent to the Court which passed the decree appealed from and shall be filed with the original proceedings in the suit, and an entry of the judgment of the Appellate Court shall be made in the register of civil suits.


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