Indian Contract Act, 1872


This part of the Act deals with as the name suggests Preliminary mandatory clauses that are present in every Act, the title, extent, interpretation etc. clauses.

Chapter I: Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of Proposals

This chapter deals with the essentials of a Contract. What are the elements necessary that when put in place will result in a legally binding contract?

Chapter II: Contracts, Voidable Contracts, and Void Agreements

This chapter deals with the legality aspect of contracts. Herein the Act lays down as to which contracts will be legal, which can be made void and thus voidable and which are completely void.

Chapter III: Contingent Contracts

This chapter deals with as the name suggests, contingent contracts. This chapter defines as to what are ‘contingent contracts’ and their enforceability under different circumstances.

Chapter IV: Performance of Contracts which must be Performed

This chapter deals with the very important aspect of performance in a contract. The parties to a contract are legally bound to do a particular act. This chapter deals with as to the manner if which the act to be done has to be performed has to be done.

Chapter V: Certain Relations Resembling those created by Contract

This chapter specifies the various liabilities and rights that are bestowed upon a person who has entered into a contract.

Chapter VI: The Consequences of Breach of Contract

This chapter as the name suggests deals with the consequences that will be faced by a party to a contract when he commits breach of the contract.

Chapter VII: Sale of Goods [Repealed]

Chapter VIII: Of Indemnity and Guarantee

Contracts can be classified into various categories, contract of indemnity and contract of guarantee are two types of contracts. This chapter deals with the intricacies of these two types of contracts.

Chapter IX: Of Bailment

Along the lines of Chapter VIII of this Act, Bailment is also a special type of contract. This chapter deals with the concept of bailment, bailor and bailee in detail.

Chapter X: Agency

There are various instances wherein the contract is done by a person on behalf of another legal entity. This chapter particularly deals with such situations wherein a “principal” and an “agent” are involved.

Chapter XI: Of Partnership [Repealed]