Floods Mismanagement and Lack of Human Rights in Balochistan

Why is Pakistan media hiding the truth about floods?

Balochistan, is a rich abode of missing persons.

The tragedy is that here anything with a tag of missing persons goes missing. The missing persons’ bill, introduced by the human rights minister Shirry Mazari, went missing

Peacefulness of Baloch people might be reason of Pakistan government's indifference towards them

The people of Balochistan are still awaiting justice, but the indifferent attitude of Pakistan Government is disturbing.

Aren’t the Baloch people the citizens of Pakistan? Or, is the state powerless in front of people with the trim of power?

India as a neighbour has always stood up against the atrocities happening in Balochistan

Is India the only ray of hope for the people of Balochistan?

Humanity over  Politics in Balochistan.